Malimo Malitronic Maliwatt Nonwoven Fabric Stitch Bonding Machine Raschel Jacquard machine

Product Application
The machine is used for the sewing processing of nonwoven fabric, to increase its fastness and toughness, which is widely used in the fiele of health care, clothing lining.
Feed, stretch. warp, take-up are all controlled by servo motor, good synchronization. We can choose 1 or 2 bars. With 2 bars, the fabric has a significant improvement in stability, strength, anti-loose and sliding resistance.
Main tech data

Needle type

Compound needle

Max speed


Work width

2.4m, 2.9m,3.6m,4.4m

Pattern device

Pattern disk



Yarn let-off drive

EBA electronic year let-off

Main motor power

2.2kw, 5.5kw

Frbric take-up

Eletronic take-up device

Guide bar NO.


Eletronic batching deviceBatching device 

Eletronic batching device

Main drive

Eccentric linkage

Feed device

Eletronic feed

 Main Features
1. Main motor is driven by three-phase current at variable speed.
2. Electric equipment abides by EN60204 (machine security) and VBG4
(supervising accidents prevented).
3. Operating interface system is self-developed.
4. Customer using voltage: 400V (±10%), third level/ Neutral conductor/
ground connection, 50Hz.
5. Main fuse and main power can meet with the requirements of the operating instructions.
6. Customers should make sure the machine has connected with grounding protection to avoid the leakage current.
7. Customer should be informed if machine is connected to the public low-voltage power supply.

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